7 Kitchen Themes That Will Make Your Eyes Pop Out

Home is the hearth. And so on the mark. Historically, the hearth is the area surrounding a fireplace where cooking is done. Naturally, the heat, makes it cozy and warm and the ideal place family and friends drop in to gather in. In present times, with modern heating, a fireplace is redundant, its relevance eclipsed. The 1970s ushered the fireplace in again and home design embodied the kitchen giving entrance to space for dining. People gravitate here to this space creating bonhomie as also a conversation sink. Kitchen designs are constantly being revamped with the availability of the many themes. 

1) The Tranquil Kitchen

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A drab and dark kitchen was in need of a turnaround and Kathy Marshall, the architect, took a leaf from her cheerful ocean-side setting. The homeowners insisted on something really fresh, “More modern artifacts and bold graphics.” In inclusion to the cosmetic makeover, the kitchen was laid bare by ripping out the railing system that separated the living area thus converting it into a cozy banquette for meals and hanging out.

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More than ever, people are planning their kitchens with the same fervor as a living room or bedroom. A well-planned kitchen ushers in positive energy. White is always the first choice. White does wonders for a kitchen. They add a touch of purity and tranquility to the aura of a home.

This is a larger house with tons of space for the kitchen and an island in it. Being rendered in white, the illusion of more space has been added into the existing square footage. The gadgets in grey negate the monotony with lights of the same color overhanging the island. The luxury and warmth of the space are enhanced by the rich wooden flooring. The room is interspersed with lovely green planters adding life.

2) Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

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For designing the Modern Country Farmhouse of your dreams, these stunning ideas should have you salivating. Each example combines the three essential elements for creating a covetable cooking space: rustic elements, accents that are industrially inspired, and modern features. When blended in the right proportions, what results is a sophisticated kitchen that is warm and inviting.

3) Coastal Kitchen

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Beach and nautical themed kitchens sit well with coastal homes. However, the look can be replicated no matter where you live. In any home, the nautical decor is first implemented in the bedrooms and bathrooms typically. It’s the turn of the kitchen now.

A warm climate is not a prerequisite to enjoy a coastal decor kitchen. Irrespective of whether your plan is a complete remodeling project or you intend to make a few tweaks by adding accents, there are a lot many methods to have a beach-themed kitchen. Why don’t we pour through the elements of a classic beach kitchen?

This style was inspired by the French Riviera. With a generous helping of elegance. Some of this style’s natural elements are:

  • Crisp, white colors
  • Bold stripes of black, blue, or neutral colors
  • The use of corals, shells, and decorative coastal art providing accents
  • The use of wood and natural wood colors as a key design feature.

The whole idea is that your kitchen should reflect the peaceful, fun, and easygoing life on the beach. T feel that your home is located right on the beach, a few key decorations and style is all it takes. Liberally use broad stripes, soft furnishings, and light colors for a breezy, relaxing look.

4) Minimalist Kitchen

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Assuming you don’t cook as much as you like to, the kitchen still remains the most used. This is the reason why streamlining this space is the best resolution you could arrive at. By misfortune, we have a leaning towards cluttering up the kitchen. There is this constant bombardment with sales pitches of the latest cookware and gadgets and we keep piling up the kitchen even if there is little room to spare. Trust us, making the choice to do away with the clutter will make a whole lot happier. When investing in quality cookware, only retain the gadgets and appliances that you truly use. A minimalist kitchen looks chic, clean, and more Zen than a kitchen chockablock with junk. Some tips:

5) The Contemporary Kitchen

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Do you feel your kitchen is a bit dated? Then it’s time to switch over to a contemporary design. With heir neutral palette colors, metallic accents, and minimalist cabinetry, these contemporary kitchens exude a sophistication that will never go out of vogue. Modern design along with industrial and the traditional fuse to a look that is current and sleek without being sterile. A splash of color whether on the sofa, a bowl of fresh fruit, or a vase of flowers gives the feeling of warmth and welcome. Throw in large windows that let the sun in, a neo light fixture, and a bold piece of artwork. You will be stunned with the aesthetic arrangement.

6) The Rustic Kitchen

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The rustic look is a perpetual favorite and never goes out. You can incorporate rustic decor into any home and into any room. O course, the kitchen is the first choice to embrace the rustic layout. Rustic furniture and decorative elements can render a kitchen cozy and comfortable, the right ambiance. Rustic decor embraces a whole range of materials that usher an outdoorsy feel and look to the room. Logs, wood, brass, iron, stone, mosaic tiles, leather are among the materials that go towards creating an earthy, natural look.

7) Black Appliance Kitchens

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Of late, these types of kitchens are hogging the attention. Sleek black appliances are a worthwhile alternative to stainless steel which is much more expensive. Also, black appliances hold good with smudges and fingerprints. Pair black appliances with a lighter counter. Wooden cabinets of lighter color also add that extra glam. When choosing black appliances, use your imagination as to how to highlight and put together a gratifying, sophisticated appearance.

There are reasons aplenty to love black kitchen appliances; they are aesthetic, durable, fingerprint-resistant, and versatile. They are rust and corrosion resistant and not subject to staining.

Tying It Up

A kitchen is the focal point of any home. It is not just a place to plonk down for meals but a place where the family hangs out, for banter and for making decisions. It is a focal point of everyday living. The kitchen is the gathering space for guests and families to eat, cook, and socialize together. Your kitchen serves as a bonding zone, that ties your home but also ties the family together. No wonder great care is needed in planning the layout to foster the ambiance.



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