15 Wallpapers For Your Kitchen That Will Blow Your Mind

When you hear of a Kitchen what comes to your mind? Of course that part of the house where dishes are prepared. Did you know that just like other sections of the house, the kitchen ought to be finetuned and decorated in such a way that it will be pleasant to the eyes? I guess you don’t. Do you recall the previous article on ‘10 Celebrity Kitchens’? Provided you read that article and viewed the corresponding pictures, you would love to have a kitchen like that of Rihanna or Nicki Minaj; that’s a sure bet. Also your kitchen design can advertise The Marketing Heaven on social networks, and on that way your profile will look more professional and you will have more real followers. Hakuna Matata! This piece will open your eyes to mind blowing wall papers that will come in handy to beautify your kitchen.    

A Kitchen Wallpaper is defined as a paper that is pasted in vertical strips over the walls of a kitchen to provide a decorative surface for the kitchen. There are no rules when it comes to designing your dream interior; after all, you are the one paying the bills. Be that as it may, tiling the kitchen is a norm especially on the counter, installed as a backsplash and often times, creeping all the way up to the ceiling. While wallpaper is usually reserved for other spaces around the home like your living room, bedroom and dining room, the right print can look stunning in your kitchen and can brighten it up by adding color and pattern to a space that sometimes feel a little bit too utilitarian, under decorated or simply boring. Installing wallpaper in a room that is prone to splatters and spills seems like a high maintenance and high risk venture but it can be cleaned like any other surface in the house. Wallpapers are affordable compared to tiles and the output is mind blowing.

Here are 15 Wallpapers for your Kitchen that will twinkle your fancy.

Faux Marble Wallpaper

If you fancy the idea of decorating your kitchen with classic but expensive materials like Marble, then the Faux Marble is a cost effective way to mimick the effect of a pricey stone without spending a fortune and it is easier to change when your taste change. The Faux Marble is the ideal way to add a sense of luxury and an additional texture in your kitchen without spending fortunes. It is an ideal wallpaper to fold a table in the kitchen provided there is.  

Nature Immersion Kitchen Wallpaper Print

This is another way to bring in Nature’s finest to your kitchen.  Unlike the Shades of Green wallpaper that is totally green, this wallpaper brings in nature’s finest to your kitchen but blend it with other colours mainly primary colours.   

Jelly and Cake Wallpaper

Just like the name implies, this wallpaper emboldens a jelly that is mostly golden or pink in colour with a cake. The background is usually pink, golden or creamy in colour. The wallpaper is a pictorial representation of one of the activities that takes place in a kitchen. The Jelly and Cake adds a dose of nostalgic, escapist charm that works beautifully with the high end appliances and fittings.  

Vintage Eclectic Wallpaper

Vintage Eclectic is a decorative wallpaper that is usually used to decorate the sitting, dining or bedroom. However, people do not know that a Vintage Eclectic can come in handy for your kitchen. The wallpaper was inspired by Anne De Wolf’s client’s eclectic, cosmopolitan style and the industrial 1920s. The wallpaper can be tricky to pull but a focal point can always help. Eclectic style is a great way to mix up to pair the contemporary with the traditional and accent it with your favorite color. A Vintage Eclectic wallpaper can create an eye catching element in your kitchen; adding a framed art on top of the wallpaper will guarantee a bigger impact. Don’t forget to mix textures in your kitchen; mismatch is the code but be careful to avoid creating chaos.

Dark Floral Gothic Kitchen Wallpaper Design

This Dark Floral wallpaper is a dramatic large scale floral wallpaper that was inspired by the still life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age. Majestic, ethereal blooms cascade down a dark, shadowy background. It was designed by Ellie Cashman. Adding the dark floral to the kitchen is not all that common. It is a look that works with a variety of styles. It can bring flower-filled beauty to the kitchen.  

Corner Booth Kitchen Fixtures

This wallpaper was designed by Ellie Cashman. It has a large scale flower design in Baroque style. It is available in four backgrounds and three scales. However, all color and scale combinations are possible.  

Full Wall Mural Wallpaper

Looking for the best way to make a bold statement in your kitchen? The Wall Mural is the best way to do so. With a wall Mural, you can change the mood of your kitchen from a boring cooking spot to a lively, bold and colorful section of the home. With the help of a friend, you can easily and quickly install a Wall Mural on your kitchen. 

Tropical Flair Wallpaper

There are multiple designs of the Tropic Flair wallpaper for your Kitchen. In choosing a Tropical Flair wallpaper design for your kitchen, it important for you to make a strong and firm impression with the wallpaper; cover every wall in a small space; pair the wallpaper with corresponding colours (for example: Black and White); add garden elements and build in a strong contrast.


This is another wallpaper that people misconstrue as a home wallpaper that is not meant for the kitchen. Little do they know that a geometric wallpaper is dope for a kitchen.  If you are looking for a more eclectic look, a geometric wallpaper comes in handy. Colors of the geometric wallpaper can be customized for the final perfect look. 

Shades of Green

Do you love nature? If yes, the shades of green wallpaper is an ideal way to bring nature into your kitchen. This wallpaper can turn your kitchen into a tropical palm garden. This wallpaper guarantees nature at its finest in your kitchen.

Ceiling Wallpaper

Most people do not know that the ceiling of a room can be decorated or finetuned with a wallpaper. The ceiling wallpaper comes in handy to add character in your kitchen and adjust the proportion of your kitchen for the better. Covering the ceiling of your kitchen with a wallpaper is a fantastic way to add color, patter or texture to your kitchen and it makes the kitchen to look like heaven on earth. Before wallpapering the ceiling of your  kitchen, ensure that the ceiling is conducive for wallpapering; choose  the right type of wallpaper ( The traditional kind that requires you to apply glue, pre-glued wallpaper and/or a removable wallpaper); plan for the removal of the wallpaper- whatever goes up must come down; pick color and pattern carefully and fix all cracks in the ceiling. The most ideal section of your home to install a ceiling wallpaper is your kitchen so make do of it.  

Feature Wall

Looking for an eye catching wallpaper? The Feature Wallpaper is the answer. This wallpaper comes in handy to dress the blank canvass of your kitchen by accenting any wallpaper pattern that strikes your fancy.  Looking for an eye catching wallpaper? The Feature Wallpaper is the answer. This wallpaper comes in handy to dress the blank canvass of your kitchen by accenting any wallpaper pattern that strikes your fancy. It is very easy to use and 100% washable. It will give your kitchen a distinctive taste. 

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