Welcome to DopeKitchens.com . This is a blog about kitchen design trends and is meant to inspire and inform. We all dream of the perfect kitchen. Endlessly scrolling at times looking for design ideas and planning the whole thing to be just right. We are here for your late night scrolling pleasure.

Hi there! I run a series of sites related to food and drink. I love writing and photographing cooking and cuisine however my web sites are very specific topics. I started this blog to branch out in to all the things that can be new in the world of kitchens and cooking.

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This blog is dedicated to people looking to update or renovate their kitchen on any budget. We have stuff for the dreamers and for the doers. Because that is the beauty of home owning; No kitchen project ever has to be your last. We will cover it all. The good, the bad, the ugly. Even just for fun sometimes, we just love kitchen design. From DIY projects to major professional kitchen remodeling jobs it is all found here.

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