25 Incredible Handmade Kitchen Products on Etsy

Have you ever thought of how your kitchen utensils were made or produced? I am sure that you either bought it OFFLINE or ordered it ONLINE. Whatever is the case, how were they made?I am sure you are asking yourself this question rhetorically. 

Kitchen products or utensils are either mass produced with Machines or Handmade. Seriously, Can Kitchen utensils be handmade? How on earth is that possible?

Query you no more. If you are thinking of starting your own business, visit Bizop to get some good ideas. This piece will give you a rundown of INCREDIBLE HANDMADE KITCHEN PRODUCTS ON ETSY THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. 

Etsy is a website that creates a platform for people to buy and sell handmade products. These products fall under a wide range of categories which includes: bags, clothing, jewelry, home décor and furniture, art, toys, craft supplies and tools as well as KITCHEN PRODUCTS. The handmade products that are advertised for sale on this site are Certified Products that must be at least 20 years old. It is quite possible that the fascinating Kitchen Utensils that you use were procured via the Etsy site. 

Here are 25 Incredible Handmade Kitchen Products on Etsy that will twinkle your fancy:



They say, Change is Constant. It is very pertinent for one to flow with Positive Change. We are in the 21st Century. The era of Kitchen cabinet being hung on the wall is over. The Custom Flatware Drawer is a perfect replacement for Wall Kitchen Cabinets. After Measurement specification is done by the user (which is usually based on the measurement of the drawer) the Custom Flatware Drawer is built with 3D printing Technology according to the design of the user. The insert will fit perfectly into your drawer in such a way that you will see all your items in the drawer at a glance. It has a wide range of colors to suite your style.

Handmade Damascus Chefs Knife


This Knife was handmade with Steel and Wood. It is very sharp and ideal for outdoor cooking activities. This knife set has Razor Sharp Blades. The combination of different steel, perfect grip sharp cutting edge and beautiful makes the Handmade Damascus Chefs Knife more attractive, portable and sharper than the normal Kitchen Knife that you know. It is a perfect gift for women.



Need I tell you that we are in the 21st century? Common, the era of using that small ‘piece of wood’ to cut vegetables, onions and other ‘cuttable’ food product is over. The Maple, Walnut and Cherry “Chaos” end grain cutting board is the ideal replacement for your “former piece of wood” used in cutting vegetable amongst others. The board measures 12.25×7.75×1.5 inches. As the name implies, the board was made with maple flooring, walnut and cherry.  There is a provision for Finger holds at each end of the board and hard rubber feet are attached to the rear of the board. The board is portable and easier on your knives. The building process of the board is more complicated and time consuming in comparison with other boards, thus, making it UNIQUE.   

Honeycomb – Ever Green Moss, Laser Cut – set (7 pcs)


Where are the Lovers of Nature? Behold a combination of Art and Nature! This beautiful moss pieces will definitely burst your bubbles. The Moss art is a contemporary art that serves the advantages of nature to any living or working environment ‘hot hot’. It was crafted with pieced laser wood and moss. It requires no watering because it uses the humidity in the environment therein to stay green and fresh. Fascinating right?

Australian Oak Wood Spoon


What do we have here? An ‘abnormal kind of spoon’. As the name implies, the spoon was crafted from Australian oak and called ‘Ladle Giger’. It effectively and efficiently performs all the functions of your ‘Kitchen spoon’ and even more because it can carry bulk food products. But such an ‘abnormal spoon’ is the beginning of an alluring collection or beautification for your home.

COPPER HAMMERED Spice Box Handmade Organic Natural Metal Unique Utility Product


Have you seen a handmade copper spice box before? We have one here. The box has provision for all your food spices. It is 100% handmade. The fascinating feature of this box is that it is designed in such a way that you can see all your food spices in just a glance, the box barely rust, the box is portable, organic, safe for use and very easy to clean.

Cutlux Elite Emerald Damacus Knife


This knife is hand forged with optimal quality 67 layers of mirror refurbished Damascus steel. The blade is 100% resistant to rust. The alluring crafted handle is made of resin and aluminum comb. It is a special Brand of Knife; an ideal replacement for a normal ‘Kitchen Knife’ and a perfect exorbitant gift. It comes with a gift box. Phenomenal right?

CUTLUX ‘Dark Abyss’ Damascus Knife (Glow In Dark Handle) 


Ever seen a Knife that glows in the dark? Just like the Cutlux Elite Emerald Damascus Knife, this beautiful knife is hand forged with premium quality 67 layers of mirror refurbished Damascus steel. It is also 100% rust resistant. The crystal clear difference is in the handle. The beautifully forged handle is made from carbon fiber with gold rim detailing and glow in the dark materials. In other words, the handle of this knife glows in the dark. It comes with a luxurious gift box. Intriguing right?

Premier Copper Products 3-in Handcrafted Copper Pumpkin Beer Tap Handle

https://www.etsy.com/listing/847682478/premier-copper-products-thpumpkin-3-inHope the Kings and Queens of Brewed drinks are still here. This Premier Copper product is an advancement of the previous Premier Copper Product that you saw. Unlike the first one, this premier copper product has a 3 in 1 beer tap handle. It is 100% handmade. Each beer tap handle is a unique piece of art. It surely will create a fascinating scene in your restaurant or bar and distinguish it among equals and adversaries.

MORTAR AND PESTLE Made From A Single Block Of Olive Wood


No doubt, the era of Mortar and Pestle has fizzled out and grinding machines is the order of the day.  Be that as it may, this handmade Mortar and Pestle is a rare type of Mortar and Pestle. It was made from Mediterranean Olive wood. It is seamless, 100% chemical free unlike the normal Mortar and Pestle and it is nonporous. This handmade Kitchen product is ideal for grinding herbs and spices. The Kitchen product is finetuned in such a way that it can effectively sustain the force of grinding and mashing.   



Behold a rare piece of work. It took over many months to create this specific handicraft. It was crafted using garment needle and yarn. It can be hand washed with a white soap and can be ironed just like a curtain.

Starlit Knife


This special knife is produced in Turkey. The constituents of the knife comprises of stainless, metal and buckhorn. The knife was crafted by European Masters. It is an ideal survival tool for camping, hiking, bush craft, forest exploration or hunting. No wonder it was crafted specially for Men. It comes with a leather cover as a gift.

Decorative Marble Flower Bowl


Adorn your kitchen, office, living, outdoor or table setting in a fascinating, brilliant practicality with this Marble Bowl. The Marble Bowl was hand carved from Marble. Marble is one of the most ecologically friendly materials and it has been proven beyond all reasonable doubts that no virus and bacteria can dwell on a Natural Material like Marble. This fascinating feature of a Marble makes this kitchen product, Phenomenal. The Marble bowl comes in different size, diameter and height. This Kitchen product is ideal to be used a decorative piece for any side table. The bowl can be used to permanently hold your coffee cup, tea cup or just a holder for colorful flowers or fruits. It is a very strong and beautiful kitchen product but it is very delicate because it is breakable and as such should be treated with Love and care. It is indeed, one of a Kind!

Olive Wood Cutting Board


This cutting board is 100% handmade with Mediterranean Olive Wood. It is chemical free, seamless and non porous. It is most suitable for cutting bread, cheese, vegetables and meat. It is designed for Everyday Use.

Iraca/Straw Caracol Rectangular Tray 


This Kitchen product is specially designed to sieve food products. It is a perfect replacement for your Kitchen Sieve. The tray is divided into layers in such a way that one can sieve more than one food product at a time. It is 100% handmade and can also be used to carry food items.

Marble Akasia Wood


This Kitchen product is a storage product. It was made with Marble and wood. It is 100% handmade and provides optimal durability, quality and functionality as a storage kitchen product. Avoid complexity in your dining table courtesy of hot coffee/tea mugs, cups, bowls, pan and plates by using this Kitchen product to keep them. The safe keep of the utensils are guaranteed as the kitchen product was finetuned in such a way that it can’t scratch any utensil in it. It offers a blend of natural beauty and is ideal for casual everyday dining, parties and social gathering. 

Wood Cutting Board


 Behold handiwork at its best! It took a lot of time and effort before this Kitchen Product was crafted. Sincerely speaking, this wood cutting board would be perfect on your kitchen table. It surely will add a natural blend of beauty in your kitchen. It was designed like an Acoustic Guitar. Who would believe that this is a cutting board? Just imagine this cutting board being hung on your kitchen wall. What a Scene it will make? 

Pottery Ceramic Plate


This Ceramic plate sure looks like the ceramic plates in your kitchen. Be that as it may, this ceramic plate is quite different from your ‘regular ceramic plate’ in your kitchen. This plate was made with stoneware clay. The Ceramic Plate is unique because the clay wherein it was crafted from retains smooth texture and has a light grey color. The plate was properly fired at 980 degrees Celsius twice. Thus, making it hard and usable everyday. The intriguing feature of this plate is that it is dishwasher, oven microwave and freezer safe. 

Ceramic Pot


You sure know of stainless pots. But have you heard of or seen a ceramic pot before? This ceramic pot was made with red clay without additives of glaze and glass dye. I am sure your head is telling you that a ceramic pot can’t be used for cooking. I am going to burst your bubbles right now. This pot cooks dishes speedily and maintains the optimal quality of the dish being prepared; The pot is ecologically clean and has no chemical which allows it to keep the vitamin composition of prepared dishes; it gives dishes a unique and appetizing aroma which is not obtainable with other pots; It can preserve dishes for a very long time especially handmade food products like pastries, pilaf and juice that is prone to decay. This pot should not be used on open fire and it should be properly cared for since it is a ceramic kitchen product after all. This pot has intriguing features. Doesn’t it? 

Thai Handmade Product Bamboo Sticky Rice Kratib


This Kitchen product is made from bamboo. It is designed to contain sticky rice as the name implies.

Ceramic Casserole 


This pot is just like the Ceramic pot that was seen earlier. It was made from natural clay. The crystal clear difference between the ceramic pot and the ceramic casserole is that the ceramic casserole has a large wall thickness; the handle of the pot is ideally positioned to give convenience and avoid burns on the hand. All other features and safety measures remain the same.

Eco Set Of Pots Made Of Red Clay Handmade Without Glaze And Glass Colorants.


You surely have a set of stainless pots in your kitchen. Having a set of pots handmade with clay will be dope too. Clay pots are ideal for cooking dishes as it does so very speedily whilst maintaining the optimal quality of the dish being cooked. It also gives dishes a natural appetizing aroma – Something stainless pots cannot do. More so, it is chemical free and can save delicate food products from decay for a very long time. 

Zhensanhuan Chinese Traditional Frying Pan


This Kitchen product is a hand hammered work from Chinese Master Wang Family, no wonder the name- ZhenSanHuan. This kitchen product was handcrafted with Iron. This kitchen product is in no way your normal type of ‘Frying Pan’. This is because of the complex and complicated process that brought about its formation and the phenomenal features therein. Due to the complex method of its formation (It was hand hammered using the technique used in making Chinese weapons in their ancient history) it has a long-lasting life span. The phenomenal features includes: optimal heat retention, non  absorption of cooking oil due to its density surface which makes it not to stick after use, it gives less smoke, it has no painting, nor coating and above all it keeps your home traditional flavor healthy and intact for generations to come. Be that as it may, it is not to be used on flat surfaced stoves like ceramic coil or induction hubs.

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