3 Types of Lighting Every Kitchen Needs

Your kitchen should look more than just good. After all it’s a place where you cook, store food, sit together for meals and have gorgeous memories with your kith and kins. It’s the first ever place which boosts your physical and mental health also in most of the cases. So, good lighting is very essential for your kitchen to deliver on it’s functionality truly.

But wait, before you get all the expensive lamps from the store, take some steps back and consider properly the lighting needs for your kitchen. To get started there are some simple questions to consider: What type of lights are already in the place? How much natural daylight does the kitchen get? Find out where the gaps in your old lighting scheme are so that you can look for a more planned and stylish lighting. Mainly there are 3 lighting types every kitchen needs namely ambient, task, and accent.

3) Ambient Lighting

source: How To Light A Kitchen

To get a decent level of general light in your kitchen, a ceiling or a pendent light may be the perfect answer. Assume a light fitting with several bulbs, a group or row of the pendent lights centred over an island, or a cluster of recessed down-lights. Choose a softer or brighter ambient light, this mainly depends on the amount of light entering your kitchen. The ambient lights are the main source of light in your kitchen.

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Ambient lighting is mostly overlooked by people, this lighting creates a warm glow and filters the overall light quality. If your kitchen is designed in a way that the cabinets are not touching the ceiling then go for installing the ambient lights in the ceiling. There is also a combination of lights in the ambient lighting which is chandeliers, pendant lights, recessed lighting, and flush mounts. The recessed downlighting is the backbone of ambient lighting so utmost care should be taken in this regard. If you have a smaller kitchen then this option will be less appropriate as it will just focus in the centre and it will get too bright. With a modern and spacious it will not only resolve the lighting issue but also adds more beauty to the kitchen. Some more customisation will be to arrange more than 2 lights in a queue manner, along the axis of your cabinet. But if you have a smaller kitchen then flush mounts will be a good decision for you, it’ll add a stylish look to your smart kitchen.


2) Task Lighting

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For specific kitchen jobs where you need to see clearly, the task lighting is important. Such as the vegetable cutting procedure and using the stove. The task lighting is positioned professionally as to provide normal amount of light where needed, it is fitted no more than 90cm above the working place and importantly choosing a slimline or translucent material so that the vision is not affected. Spotlights, directional down lights, strip, and puck lights are the main types of task lighting. The most important work in the kitchen is helped by task lighting.

Photography by Anna de Leeuw, courtesy of Jan de Jong Interieur.

Cutting veggies, reading recipes, and cooking always require a specific amount of light to ensure proper sized veggies, and a better cooking experience. The spotlights or puck lights are approximately similar and allows to focus on a single target which is either cooking, reading recipes, or cutting jobs.


The strip lights are equally important, firstly, they give a stylish look to your kitchen and help in making salads or similar cutting jobs. Counter tops and cabinet borders can be decorated with will by using these strip lights. It further has some types, for example, multi coloured and the lights rotate in a specific manner. These lights also add details to your kitchen which benefits the most if your kitchen is small. Similarity, the spotlights are installed under the cabinets. The task lighting will also highlight your fancy tiles and countertops.

1) Accent Lighting

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In this world of extreme competition everyone wants to be above each other in every aspect of life. Accent lighting is the extra decorative touch when you want a completely new experience and the light to be evenly diffused in the kitchen. Toe kick lights are an example of accent lighting.

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Accent lighting are used for highlighting a particular feature in the kitchen, it can be of your own choice, for example, your favourite animated character, your dream place, a historic painting, or a decorative arch. This adds dimensions and more depth to your kitchen and glassware is also decorated by accent lighting.

Toe kick lights have also got popular recently, these are basically rope lights and LED tape. If your kitchen features shelves then you can use toe kick lights in a great way. Just buy some double tape and make the boundaries lit. You can also further detail your kitchen by installing dimmers to many lights in an orderly manner as to a line of 6 lights or LED tapes, installing dimmer to one light and leaving the other one, this can be mind satisfying too. You can also light up the ceiling border with the help of accent lighting but keep in mind the decent use of them.

source: Yale Appliance Blog

The idea of decorating floor edges with accent lighting is great, consider yourself walking to the kitchen for getting your 2 a.m snacks can be really challenging without ambient lighting. The ambient lighting will help you finding the extremes of the path and will ensure a sound less entry of you into the kitchen. So, no one is aware about you!

Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

So the kitchen is the room which needs the most lighting followed by a decent procedure to carry out. Implementing your own ideas would be a great initiative in your creativity and will boost your crafting skills. Hopefully you’ll be thinking about the lighting of your kitchen with taking all the three aspects simultaneously. Go and inspect your kitchen now!

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