Incredible Steam Punk Kitchen Designs

Steam Punk originated in sci-fi fantasy incorporating 19th century steam-powered machinery with technology. Often taking place in alternate versions of history in either British Victorian era or American Wild West. Steam Punk, some say, was born as a sub-genre of cyberpunk.

While the origins of steam punk involve retro-futuristic science fiction novels, movies and comic books the aesthetic is a distinct Victorian meets industrial age design scheme. The use of gauges, dials, lots of copper and old school hardware controls are necessary.

A modern kitchen has to have all the tools, amenities and space to work on various tasks to be functional. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with the design. Artists at New Creations Austin were able to take a renovation project and add a ton of flair while adding much needed function to the kitchen.

Fully Steampunk Inspired Kitchen

steampunk inspired kitchen source

This fully steampunk inspired kitchen near Austin, Texas has it all. Copper range hood and sink square, beautiful Tim Burton-esque dark cabinetry and lots of unique custom materials to finish off the look.

“The original kitchen had a nonfunctional layout. It was tight and awkward. There were large soffits throughout, and there were also several broken appliances.” said the designer. But the client routinely cooks for family and friends. She spends hours in her kitchen daily. Focus was put on functionality and beauty.

“However, we also needed to maintain the original footprint. So, we reconfigured most of the kitchen to improve the layout and flow.”


Subtle Steampunk Design

This kitchen combines just the right amount of flair with enough practicality to be homey. The oversize clock face completes the look and dark colors accent the bright floor tiles.

Steam Punk Kitchen Sink

On over to Canada for this next amazing steam punk kitchen design from The Cabinet Company We love the two tone tiles contrasting the back-splash pattern and the memorizing hardwood counter top.

Function meets beauty with this extra large brass square deep sink. The sink hardware, towel rack and shelving all follow the motif. The utilitarian control panel is the icing on this cake.

A closer look at the amazing steampunk sink.

Steampunk Stoves

This vintage oven by Copper Steampunk Design is completely handmade and hand painted copper, brass and bronze. They are made to order and can even be customized. source

Complete with antique style lighting, gauges and stove door. This stove also features authentic barn wood front and top. This wonderful antique boiler style stove from Machine Age Lamps can also be made and customize to order. source

Above is the ultimate steam punk oven for your quirky post-gothic kitchen. Inspiring old world pieces like this can be such a pleasure to work with. We don’t know where this photo came from but if you know the source we would love to hear of it.


This wonderful steampunk oven looks a lot like the real thing. That’s because it is a refurbished antique stove still in use at the historic Chateau deĀ Chenonceau.