10 Incredibly Unique and Inspiring Kitchen Sink Designs

Photo by Theresa Thompson on Foter.com / CC BY

The kitchen sink is often the focal point of most kitchens. Few of us really enjoy washing dishes and washing and peeling tend to get old fast. Let’s face it. Time spent at the sink is a major groan most of the time so it needs to be as enjoyable as possible. The average person spends up to 37 minutes a day in the kitchen. Cooking and cleaning are a joy to some. But that’s over 255 hours a year!

So what makes a good sink?

A great sink is one that has room for even the biggest pots and pans It makes use of space for drying thing that have been washed and makes most jobs easier. You should be able to wash, rinse and dry in the same place without much fuss. Dual sinks are great for this reason. But sprayers and built in drying racks also serve this purpose. Whether you are washing food, cutlery or large serving trays: It Just has to work. It is ultimately a determining factor in the function and overall work-ability of the room. Design, however, plays a major role in deciding on a sink. A relatively cheap renovation by itself simply changing just this one fixture can have a drastic effect on your enjoyment of your time and work in the room.

How Do I Choose The Perfect Kitchen Sink?

Practicality is important when choosing a kitchen sink design. We do have to be able to do the important kitchen jobs with it. But originality, and fun are also important. Uniqueness of design or doing one specific sink job fantastically, which we will soon see an example of, all come in to play. Some kitchens will double as dining and entertaining areas so a one-function sink might serve as backup to a larger sink for washing up.

It’s easy to get tired of a sink.

By a certain age we have all lived in a few different kitchens and have at least one sink we hated. Sometimes more.Whether your kitchen needs an update, you are renovating or designing a new kitchen from scratch, your choice of sink (or multiple sinks) can be a major decision. After all the sink you chose will be a centerpiece at which you will stand working on various tasks nearly every day.

Luna River Sink

The Luna river sink is a dream for entertaining. It has 2 drains and is long enough to serve dual purposes. The copper sink comes in both antique and brushed nickel finishes. source

Offbeat Diamond Tilt Sinks

This unique sink is a great conversation piece in any kitchen modern or classic. While the sink designs are modern the hardware and faucet appear to be straight from the cottage adding a real post-modern steampunk attitude. source

Built In Cutting Board

This highly functional and unique sink with sunken cutting boards allows for so much workspace you could have two people working at it without much interference. Great for washing and prepping fruits and vegetables as well as filleting and cleaning meats. source

Corner Kitchen Sink


This wood counter top with striped finish is absolutely gorgeous and hides the stainless steel sink enclosures beautifully. It creates an innovative and stunning modern appeal.

Hammered Copper

A copper farmhouse sink with a coordinating brushed-finish faucet and quartz countertops make for a classic, high-end cooking space. As seen on DIY Network’s Kitchen Crashers

Less Is More

It’s the little touches with this small kitchen space saving corner sink. Pro-leveled subway tile and maple counter tops compliment this stainless steel sink and faucet system. source

Stainless Steel Square and Deep Sink

This attractive stainless steel deep sink looks great against the marble counter top. Deep Sinks are great for washing food in as well as allowing lots of room for dishes and hands.

Integrated Marble Sink

This lovely integrated marble sink makes for the ultimate modern minimalist design. Stylish and functional it keeps all the work in one zone and makes cleanup simple. The dual integrated sink design is from the Oco Kitchen system by Italian company Vaselli.

Easy Working Kitchen

Bright colors and natural materials are mixed together to create an adorable cottage-style kitchen. A double apron-front sink helps make food prep a breeze. As seen on DIY Network’s I Hate My Kitchen.

Stone Sink and Counter Top

Another example of an integrated sink. This leveled stone sink and counter with integrated oven looks like a great place to prepare a meal.

We hope these designs have helped provide some inspiration for your next kitchen renovation project. Building the kitchen of your dreams can start with a sink and counter combo, an elegant integrated sink or the dual corner sink you had your eye on. Enjoy the journey and look forward to the memories you can cook up in your new kitchen. Happy renovating!