Jaw Dropping Kitchen Designs You Won’t Believe

Around the start of the 20th century, came the first literature which morphed into a science developed to showcase how to cook and clean. All this was the brainchild of Lillian Moller Gilbreth, an engineer, and an industrial psychologist.

The results of her research have created a template for kitchens which is valid conceptually till today. And the woman who made all this happen? Why she couldn’t cook to save her life.

She and her husband, Frank B Gilbreth, were the founders of motion study which is using short films to figure out how industrial and office tasks were being done. These were broken down into component parts called ‘therbligs’ (Gilbreth backward) to ascertain how a job could be sped up and made less taxing.

Anatomy Of A Kitchen

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Gilbreth’s Kitchen Practical was the outcome of her endeavors which sought to put an end to the having to do a half-marathon every time she stepped into the kitchen. She came up with the Kitchen Working Triangle. Formerly the kitchen was a higgledy-piggledy loose fit arrangement. Lillian Gilbreth’s kitchen was designed to create a tight circuit for the cook with little need to move the feet. The efficacy of this was put to the test. The number of operations climbed down from 97 to 64 and the number of steps actually taken, from 281 to 45. In this era of Fuelbands and Fitbits, there are some who frown at such static working questioning the lack of exercise offered. Lillian retorted that walks are meant for open-air and not around a stove. Gilbreth’s circular routing became the “work triangle,” a concept still followed in contemporary kitchen design. The formula adopted for an ideal kitchen is that the sink, refrigerator, and range should be at least 4 feet from each other but not more than 9 feet.

Contemporary Kitchen Layouts

The L-shaped Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen is well suited being two sides of a triangle to start with. It works well in small and medium spaces. A spectacular kitchen though is not about rules only. It’s also about the feel of the space that goads you into turning out fabulous food.
L-shaped kitchens should be planned to include options such as a kitchen table or an island.
Here are some eclectic designs for L-shaped kitchens.

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The densely patterned backsplash and zoned flooring are the highlights of this arresting kitchen. The small half-moon breakfast bar allows guests to yak with the busy chef over coffee or a doughnut.

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Accentuate the rectangle space by adding a rug. The decorative flowers in the tall vase soften the hard edge

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The flooring shadows the L-shape of the cabinets.

U-Shaped Kitchens

U-shaped kitchens have house hunters going bonkers. This design walks away with the gold for the best kitchen layout. With ample scope for cabinetry on three sides, the open space leads into an open space living room.

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Toss around with split levels. This novel U-shaped kitchen is sunken below the floor level of an open space living room. Onlookers get a birdseye view of the kitchen.

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Open the space up. The upper blue cabinets are coordinated with the wall color. This gives it the feel of more space.

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This blue and white U-shaped kitchen has dealt with it a bit differently than the previous kitchen. Here the wall cabinets run all around. One side is open to the dining room. Windows are right around the countertop bringing in airiness. Cleaning the backsplash is washing the windows.

One Wall Kitchen

The one wall kitchen is a challenging prospect for any designer. It will turn on your creative juices to the max. You have just that one wall to run your cabinetry. One wall kitchens require greater skills so that culinary requirements and the arrangement do not clash. We bring you some unique one wall kitchen layouts. Even if these kitchens follow a straight run, there are multiple ways to situate appliances, island, and the dining area.

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If the one available kitchen wall falls short, make use of the high ceilings to run a double row of cabinets for increased storage with the upper row designated for infrequently used articles.

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A great many items have been can be held on the kitchen shelves. There is an impressive display here but the cohesive look is achieved by selecting items of mint, peach, white, or wood color.

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A beautiful combination of colors clashing with a retro look. The combo of green cabinets, red oven, and yellow refrigerator is eye-catching.

The Galley Kitchen

A galley is a cooking area on a boat. It normally has two rows of cabinets topped by a counter with a narrow passage in-between. It can be self-contained or part of a larger open plan living area.

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Pay heed to the overhead panels in this layout. A wonderfully cozy, complete, slick finish is facilitated by the connectors. The ambient lighting highlights the additions to give an eye-catching effect.

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Galleys can be somewhat U-shaped. This one is linked by the large end unit and desk combo.

The Island Kitchen

An independent block standing in the middle of a large kitchen has a dose of drama about it. It has more functions than we care to describe including having an audience to chew the fat with whilst you are about the job of cooking.

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This white kitchen has the workspace elevated from the base unit by shelving. At this midsection, a splash of bright yellow emerges forming at one end, a low table. This yellow accent is picked up in other spots such as the slender cabinet unit, on the backsplash, and the window frame.

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This sleek black kitchen has an island all of seductive curves.

The Peninsula Kitchen

In general, a peninsula kitchen serves the same purpose as an island kitchen. The difference is that one side is fixed to the wall he other three being open as opposed to an island that has all 4 sides open.

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This countertop makes a sea of difference. And don’t miss the lighting

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This kitchen just proves that small and white kitchens need not be plain and boring.

Tying It Up

Keep it in your noggin that what’s good for others is not necessarily good for you. There are no binding rules. In fact, your concept of kitchen design may be better. To quote Lillian Gilbreth, “A system is only there to simplify things. If it makes you happy to junk it, then you should junk it.” Do not get trapped in any specific design or style. After all, it is your kitchen. It should work best for you.